Pioneers of Tomorrow: What’s Next

On Friday 22 July, Farnborough International Airshow opened its doors to the future pioneers of the aerospace industry. By inviting students, young professionals and career movers to explore the show and the many potential opportunities, we hoped to inspire the next generations and provide a platform for meaningful networking and career progression.

Pioneers of Tomorrow Wrap-Up

If you attended our inaugural Pioneers of Tomorrow event, we hope you had an amazing time and gained a useful insight into the world of aerospace. Throughout the day the site was bustling with activity, from people engaging with exhibitors at their stands to discussing their future with advisors at our dedicated Careers Hub.

If you weren’t able to attend Pioneers of Tomorrow or missed some of what was on offer, there are still ample opportunities to learn about the industry and take advantage of the available resources.

In fact, now is the perfect time to reflect on your experience of Pioneers of Tomorrow and plan your next steps into the aerospace industry.

Follow Up on Your Meetings

During Pioneers of Tomorrow, we ran a Careers Hub that enabled visitors to speak to a host of different companies and find out about the various graduate schemes, career paths and vacancies available. For those of you that attended, you may have handed in your CV or even applied for a particular role. If you haven’t heard back from any leads yet, here are some vital tips for following up with potential employers.

Treat it as if you’ve been to an interview by reaching out to the person or company you spoke to and thank them for meeting you. Reinstate your interest in a particular role or opportunity within their company, remind them about a few key things you’ve discussed, highlight the skills and experience you have that might be relevant and politely ask for an update. Remember to be professional, even if the conversation you had at the event was relaxed or informal.

Jobs Board

Additionally, you can explore the ADS Portal – a launchpad for careers in the aerospace, defence, space and security sectors. Run by ADS in partnership with Talentview, this tool has been designed to help the future pioneers to find their first opportunities in these sectors.













If you don’t see a role that suits you then please check out the careers/jobs pages of companies you are interested in. These can often provide an insight into the roles available and the ethos of their workforce. With a huge short-fall in employees across the aerospace industry, companies are on the lookout for passionate and skilled professionals now more than ever.

If you want to start building your connections within the aviation and aerospace industry then the best place to start is LinkedIn. If you haven’t already got a profile then your first step is to create one.

From choosing the right profile picture to detailing your work experience, there is a lot to consider so be sure to check out the numerous online guides to creating the perfect profile.

One of the most underrated features of this social media channel is their LinkedIn Groups – a place where likeminded members are encouraged to network, exchange ideas, discuss relevant content. No matter sector what interests you, there is likely to be a group that you could join to explore the relevant career opportunities.

LinkedIn can also be the perfect platform to learn about events and webinars. Start by following the companies and organisations in the industry and check out any events they are organising or attending. This includes not only in-person events but also virtual conferences and webinars. These events are a great way to stay up-to-date with the industry but also find out about potential networking and job opportunities.

What’s Next

Farnborough International Airshow is hosted every 2 years so bookmark 22-26 July 2024 in your diary! There are also plenty of events taking place before then including Space-Comm this September which welcomes the leading space companies to Farnborough to connect and discuss the future commercialisation of the space industry.

Keep following Pioneers of Tomorrow channels for more guidance and information about careers in the aerospace industry, because whether you’re at the start of your career or looking for your next role, we care about supporting you.





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