5 Ways to Celebrate STEM Day 2022

National STEM Day is all about celebrating and highlighting the value of STEM learning.

STEM, standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is undergoing a huge drive right now with numerous initiatives set up to employ those with STEM skills and boost the job market. More and more emphasis is being placed on STEM education and the opportunities for students and young professionals continues to grow.

Over the last couple of years, there has also been a significant development to incorporate the value of Art into these traditionally academic disciplines. Now often referred to as STEAM, the opportunities for students to utilise their skillset and curate their own career path are better than ever.

Here are our top 5 ways to celebrate STEM Day and learn about the opportunities waiting for you.

1. Get online and engage with leading experts

Many organisations are active on social media during STEM Day so it’s worth checking out who is trending and what conversations are taking place. In previous years NASA has been particularly active, running the hashtag #AskNasa where anyone can submit questions and have them answered by leading figures.

If your company already runs a STEM programme, then utilise this day to promote what you’re offering and engage with future pioneers.

2. Visit a museum or STEM centre

Many local museums, as well as national favourites, run STEM-related exhibitions and activities. The Science Museum in London is one of the leading examples, offering year-round STEM events. One of the most popular is their Engineer Your Future experience, a free interactive gallery for visitors which can also be booked by educational groups planning a trip.

3. Attend a STEM careers fair

If you are currently job hunting or simply assessing your career options, then take advantage of the numerous career focussed events. There are plenty to choose from, here are just some highlights we picked out:

For organisations searching for new STEM-talented applicants, why not consider exhibiting at a careers fair and kickstart the conversation with your future employees. They are excellent opportunities to highlight what your organisation can offer, from internships, apprenticeships, post-grad schemes and more.

4. Find a STEM activity near you

Lego Robotics? Space Engineering? Drone Coding? There are so many opportunities across the country, so make use of some of the excellent directories online that list activities local to you. An excellent example is the STEM Directory, which allows you to tailor your search by age, location and subject to find the activity that’s perfect for you.

If you organise or already attend a STEM activity then make sure you share it with your local community through online directories, local press and social media.

5. Learn about the importance of Art

Check out the article STEM vs. STEAM: Broadening Career Opportunities, which explores the introduction of Art into STEM education and highlights its importance within the aerospace industry and beyond.

The Future of STEM

We hope this provided a glimpse into the opportunities available. Use these as a starting point and soon enough you’ll see how diverse and creative the opportunities in STEM are.

Pioneers of Tomorrow is a STEM initiative set up by Farnborough International and ADS, previously known as Futures Day and Farnborough Friday. Since holding our debut event at the Farnborough International Airshow in 2022, we hope to continue contributing to and organising STEM focussed events to inspire the next generation of leaders.

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